Mission Statement

The purpose of Community Spirit, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit headquartered in northern Robertson County, is to promote, preserve, and transmit the stories, traditions, and culture of the Sulphur Fork and Red River area of Robertson County, Tennessee, through quality theatrical productions and other means.


Our Story

In 2002 a handful of interested Robertson County Tennessee citizens dared to believe that they could present live professional theatre in a rural setting. The success of the initial productions convinced them of the need to continue the positive benefits generated by this endeavor. In May 2004 Community Spirit, Inc. (“Community Spirit”) was established as a 501(c)(3) organization.

From its inception, Community Spirit has been dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the unique history and culture of the Sulphur Fork and Red River area. Community Spirit has been successful in its goal by commissioning and producing two original works that capture and showcase important episodes of local history. Playwright David Alford, a native of Adams, authored both works — Spirit: The Authentic Story of the Bell Witch of Tennessee, which premiered to sold out crowds in October 2002, and Smoke: A Ballad of the Night Riders, which premiered in May 2010. The reception of Smoke equaled that of Spirit. Both productions are artistically unique opportunities for local residents, students and visitors to understand and experience the rich history of the area through live theatre.

Community Spirit Inc.

Community Spirit, Inc. is a non- profit community organization dedicated to bringing quality, educational theatrical productions to Robertson County, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas. We provide professional, historically accurate entertainment the whole family can enjoy. Community Spirit is operated entirely by volunteers who have a love for arts in the community. We are an organization that operates from grants donations and fundraising. We are passionate about what we put forth to the community and it is our desire that you will return to see the same quality production year after year and make it part of your family tradition.


Community Spirit Committee Members

Bo Adams
Jennifer Ayres
Stephen Ayres
Briley Bell
Sarah Darnell
Bruce Everett
Jean Everett
Jan Fairchild
Kara Finley
Patti Gregory
Rick Gregory
Sarah Head
Cathy Lowe
J. Mark Lowe
Hunter Mantooth
Denise McCroy
Paige McCroy
Kevin Mead
Boogie Oliver
Christy Owens
Wyatt Plank
Danny Proctor
Vicki Randolph
Denise Richards
Darin Richardson
Julie Rullmann
Imogene Seay

Community Spirit Inc. Board of Directors

James H. Lindsey, President
Mary Mantooth, Mayor of Adams, Vice President
Sheri Alford, Secretary
Samuel L. Ramsey, Treasurer
Kay Bagby, Ex Officio
Robert H. Bell III, Ex Officio
Carleen Herndon
Sandy Ramsey
Lauren Sterban-Estep
Jeff Haines, Jo Byrns High School Principal, Ex Officio